What you will learn with this eBook

  • How to install the Core Plot framework

    Whether you need to install from source, or just use Cocoa Pods, we've got you covered.

  • Draw all kind of charts

    How to use and extend the included set of chart types that Core Plot provides.

  • Style your charts

    Make your charts pretty using simple Core Graphics commands.

  • Make your charts shareable

    Users of your app will be delighted when they find how easy it is to share, or to copy and paste, the charts that you generate.

  • Use Objective-C or Swift

    You will find usable examples no matter what is your language preference.

  • Add a dash of Magicâ„¢

    Apply Core Animation techniques to your charts to make them snazzy.

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Read it on your favorite device!

The book is provided as PDF, ePub and iBooks formats. That means you can read the book wherever you go.

Due to the extensive use of graphics to illustrate many parts of the code, care has been taken that it looks good on the most common devices among Cocoa developers. For this reason, no Kindle version is planned for, as older devices cannot display the images with the needed quality.

You can still enjoy the book on any PC or Mac, and most smartphones and tablets, using the PDF version.


About Victor Jalencas

Victor started his career as an iOS developer with 2 projects on which charting was an essential feature, and just before that, he had being doing a similar thing on a web app using Javascript.

Since then, he has become quite adept at taming the Core Plot framework, going on to speak at developer events about how to get started with it.

Noticing the lack of good, up-to-date documentation for it, he resolved to write this book to help you master this framework.

eBook Landing Page

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